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Amethyst Cluster Moon, Amethyst Druzy, Titanium Aura, Rainbow Amethyst, Moon Lover, Moon Decor, Amethyst Crystal, Aura Amethyst, Crescent

Designer: Crystal Creek Co.


This listing is for 1 (ONE), Titanium Amethyst cluster crescent moon. One moon will be intuitively chosen for you for shipment.

Approx. Measurements/weight
Length: 2-2.5 Inch/60mm
Width: 1-1.5 Inch
Depth: 0.5 Inch
Weight: 2-2.5oz

Rainbow or Titanium aura amethyst has been bonded with titanium. In doing so it retains the properties of both amethyst and titanium! It is said to be the perfect stone for meditation as it will take you into a deeper meditative state and help with spiritual attainment.

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