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Big Foot Sasquatch Crystal Keychains

Designer: Crystal Creek Co.


For all those Bigfoot believers and crystal lovers, this keychain is for you!

Each keychain measures approximately 3.25 inches long by 2 inches tall and is 1/4 inch thick. This purchase is for ONE keychain, Available crystal options for the keychains are:

Amethyst (Purple)

Moonstone (Dark Grayish)

Carnelian (Orange)

Green Aventurine (Green)

Sodalite (Dark Blue)

Rose Quartz (Pink)

Apatite (Light Teal Blue)

Blue Aventurine (Blue)

Chakra (Multi Color)

Each Keychain is handmade by placing the stones into the mold and pouring of an epoxy resin. My favorite part about the keychains is that you can still feel/touch the crystals through the resin layer. 

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